Apartment "La soffitta"

Located under the roof and with a great view towards Vignano, where you might spot Giso standing in the vineyard. Daylight floats through the skylight windows and gives the two small rooms a sunny and airy feeling. At night you can lie on the couch and gaze at the stars (picture top left) or snuggle up together on the bed next to the window (picture top middle). Take one step up and you are in the small bathroom which is equipped with a hip tub (picture bottom left). If you take one step down you are in the middle of the kitchen (picture bottom middle). There is no fire in the fireplace yet however it can be used to store a few things (picture bottom right). This rooftop apartment is fully insolated. This way it stays nice and cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter. You can close the skylight windows automatically when the sun is burning hot.

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