House & Garden

The old masonry is built from handmade brick stones and under the protection of the law like so many others in this area. Giso has remodelled and has rebuilt everything with love and passion (picture top left).There is an oleander blooming in a corner and across from the house entrance is an altar with a small MADONNINA, she has been watching and ensuring the well being of all the people living in the house for quite some time (picture top middle). Right next door is "Wilma's Bar", where you can taste some authentic vino, pasta and insalata (picture top right). Gisos garden is right behind the house. It has a pavilion (picture top left and bottom middle). Olive trees with greengrass and flowers in terra- cotta tubs. "Wackler" - Gisos cat - in it and a fire pit (picture bottom middle). Here you can unwind, read a book, relax or you can have a barbecue. Under the sun tent amongst olive trees a small pool is available inviting you to cool off when the Tuscan sun is too hot. (picture bottom left and right)

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