People & Country
Giso lives in a house with wonderful Italian neighbours (picture top left). His apartment is located on the ground floor. Everybody has to pass through the small foyer (picture top middle), and from time to time everyone will meet. "Bella Compagnia" - this small community is fantastic, you can feel their warmth and affection right from the start. Time elapses at a different pace here at the country side. Even though it seems to fly by quickly with all the things to do - it is only 30 minutes by car to Florence (picture top right) and around 40 minutes to Siena (picture bottom left). The SITA (public transportation - bus) stops right at the door steps and takes you in 15 minutes to Certaldo (picture bottom middle), the birth town of Boccaccio. It takes 90 minutes by car to reach the Mediterian Sea for a nice day trip. Pack some wine and cheese for a picnic in a backpack and take a walk for about 1 kilometre to the CUPOLA where you can view fantastic sun sets (picture bottom right).

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